A Helpful Guide To Virtual Agm Singapore

With the onset of the pandemic, the new decade has witnessed a massive metamorphosis as the turn of lifestyle has majorly become accompanied by virtual spaces. Fortunately, humans have come up with the invention of the internet and many online platforms that serve to help in crises like these. In the absence of this invention, problems would have probably worsened with everything suddenly coming to a halt leading to the deterioration of the world’s various functions. As such, all Singapore companies must hold a meeting to showcase the company’s advancements and make decisions for the same. Since an offline meet is not possible given the circumstances, the shift to Virtual AGM Singapore can be considered the only viable solution.

Why is it important?

These meetings are held every financial year to be in touch with a company’s progress where the companies have an attendance in the meet and put forward the statements of the company’s financial aspect to the shareholders. It is mandatory for the meet-up to be conducted every year because of the following reasons.

  • This is the time and space where shareholders take important decisions regarding the company’s financial matters.
  • Voting is also done by shareholders regarding these aspects.
  • The Director of the company can be appointed to a new person, or the old Director may be removed, and all these decisions are taken by the shareholders in this meeting.

Sum up

Hence, these are the reasons why this meeting is held. It was otherwise held offline in a center, but since the current circumstances have prohibited the meeting to be conducted offline, virtual meetings have become the feasible solution so as to ensure a safe meeting as well as to ensure that the company can hold its meetings as usual not to disrupt its functioning.

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