Questions To Ask Potential Cleaning Companies Before Hiring Them

When your business is looking for a new cleaning company, it is a task you will want to put lots of time and effort into to ensure you hire a reputable service. Anyone can create fantastic-looking websites, but that does not mean they know about domestic, commercial, or industrial cleaning. There are questions you should ask and compare the answers you receive that can help you find the best company for the job, and some of these questions are listed below.

What Are Your Qualifications?

You will want to ensure that the cleaning company you are considering using is registered and has the appropriate qualifications to offer a cleaning service. All cleaners using potentially hazardous chemicals will require COSHH training, so ensure the company you use has qualified employees.

What Is Included In Your Prices?

You will also need to ask each company what they include in their prices, which you can find differs between companies. You must also have realistic expectations of what you expect from your cleaners, and if your workplace already looks shabby, do not expect miracles.

Do you Supply Cleaning Products?

Another question you will need to ask is whether the cleaning company supplies the cleaning products or whether you must do that. You can purchase high-quality cleaning chemicals from APT Commercial Chemicals and other reputable suppliers and save money on the overall cost of your cleaning.

What Experience Do You Have Similar To Our Requirements?

You will also want to ensure that the cleaning company you select has similar experience with the cleaning job you want them to do. If a company does not have direct experience with similar cleaning requirements, do not rule them out but be more thorough when scrutinising them.

Can You Supply References?

You should check the references of any potential cleaning company you are considering using and ask each one to supply these. Most companies can provide written references and have customers happy to take a phone call to confirm their experiences with the cleaning company. You can also check their social media profile on platforms such as Facebook and read the reviews and comments left by customers.

What Methods Do They Have To Quality Control The Work?

You can also ask each company how they control the quality of the cleaning work being done, and whether it is left for the customer to scrutinise of whether the company also checks periodically.

Do Your Employees Undergo Background Checks?

You will also want to ask the cleaning companies if they put their employees through a background check and how they check their credentials before hiring them. You will want to ensure that the cleaning company you use will investigate their employees fully before allowing them to work on a customer’s property.

Can You Do Additional Tasks When Needed?

It is also an excellent idea to ask the cleaning companies whether they are willing to take on additional tasks occasionally, such as when having a spring clean. Most companies are willing to accommodate requests like this, especially when you work with them for the long term.

These are a few questions you can ask potential cleaning companies, but there are more besides. Ensure you ask lots of questions and compare answers, which can help you find the best one for your cleaning job.

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