Take a Trip Back to Yesteryear with the Right Scooter

If you want a motorbike that has the sleek, eye-catching look that you thought doesn’t exist anymore, you need the Super Soco CPX. Fun to drive and available with tons of features, the CPX brings back the one factor that all bike riders need and want: fun!

It is specifically made to meet the demands of working professionals, which is why its technology provides for advanced perks that you likely thought you could only get on a bike that is twice as expensive. Priced at around $7700, the CPX bike will make every ride you take from now on an exceptional one, and you won’t have to break the bank to buy it.

Practical and Attractive

The CPX is an attractive-looking bike indeed, and it has a 16-inch front and 14-inch rear wheel, both of which are responsible for the smooth handling that you can get used to easily. The screen and luggage rack make for superior comfort and convenience, and the disc brakes are linked via CBS so that you’re super safe every time you’re on the road. It also has a very large road presence, which will make you feel both important and very safe every time you ride.

With this bike, you also get 4kw of emission-free power, which provides you with performance that is comparable to the 125cc scooter, except that your maintenance concerns are much less of a hassle. You can add a second lithium-ion battery if you like, and each battery only takes three to four hours to charge completely. This, in turn,

allows you to ride carbon-neutral and helps you feel better about what you’re doing for the environment. The bike comes in three different colours and even has a full LED lighting system that provides you with excellent visibility at night.

Second-to-None Technology

In addition to all of this, the CPX offers an advanced battery-management system that allows your batteries to stay in excellent condition for a very long time. You get USB charging capabilities and the ability to manoeuvre your bike even when you’re in a tight spot. Finally, the built-in alarm, keyless ignition, and wheel-locking function make for a bike that is technologically advanced and offers you the ability to ride with confidence and complete satisfaction every time.

Regardless of what you’re looking for in a bike, the Super Soco CPX bike will likely have it, making this purchase one that you will likely never regret making.

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