The Ultimate Guide to Designing an Engagement Announcement Card

Few moments in life share the same excitement as wedding proposals and engagements. The old-age tradition of engagement never runs out of style, with innovative ways to betroth your loved one emerging every day. Planning your engagement party, memorizing the words, sending out the cards all make the engagement process a seemingly daunting feat. Do not fret. With the help of engagement cards, you can worry less about conveying your promise of marriage to people. The best engagement announcement cards are excellent conduits for sharing the blissful news with family and friends. This article takes you through getting your announcement card ready, what to consider in choosing one, and the styles that work best.

Essential factors to consider when customizing your engagement announcement card.

Creating a tailor-made engagement notice card is an involved process that requires guidance. Consider the following while customizing your unique card:

1. Theme

Essentially, your card theme sets the tone for the experience your visitors will have on the wedding day. You must determine an aesthetically appealing style to personalize your announcement. Most people spend hours curating their theme board with little headway in deciding which theme to use. You can choose from bohemian to rustic themes depending on the color you want for your engagement party or wedding. Aim for enough contrast between the text and the background with colors that blend. You can liaise with a card designer expert at Mix book to design the perfect card for your engagement notice.

2. Orientation

A custom-made card needs to display the images in the proper orientation. Horizontal orientations work best when there are a lot of pictures of you and your spouse. However, you can opt for the vertical orientation design, mainly if you are operating on a tight budget. The text announcing your engagement is a salient aspect to consider when choosing your card’s orientation. A broad exposure invites the recipients of your card to indulge in the information contained wholeheartedly. A general rule is the more pictures, the more comprehensive the orientation. You can design the card you want with different orientations on your laptop to preview the most satisfying one.

3. Print Style

Printing styles are the positive additive to designing a unique engagement notice card. Engravings in cards are fast gaining popularity and rightly so because of the texture underneath your fingers. You can vary the printing style to elicit different textures and vibes. Letterpress techniques give your card a vintage vibe that may resonate well with most audiences. If you choose the embossing path, you should only use real foil embellishments to set apart your card from the millions of standard engagement cards in the market.

4. Material

The type of material you choose influences your recipients’ feelings on receiving the card from the mailbox. Smooth materials invoke feelings of tenderness and embody the level of love between you and your partner. The various materials you can choose from are:

  •       Linen
  •       Cotton fiber
  •       Deluxe
  •       Clear Vellum paper

The trade-off between finish and density is an important aspect to consider when choosing material for your card. A quintessential material maintains the feel you want without masking the contents of your card.

Engagements serve as a prelude to your wedding, and you must make a lasting first impression by modeling unique cards. Uniqueness is divine, and this article imparts you with the necessary knowledge to design special engagement announcement cards. Choose a stylish announcement card from the thousands of templates at Mix book that embodies your blissful news today.

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