Tips on How to Move House during a Pandemic

If you are moving houses during the Coronavirus pandemic, you probably feel a little bit anxious and scared thinking about how the move would take place. What extra precautions should you take? How can you protect your family when you are shifting houses during the pandemic? Contrary to popular belief, moving during the pandemic is not impossible; in fact, it is highly doable. However, you need to practice caution during the whole process. The movers in Toronto, Ontario, are very organized and take extra steps to maintain hygiene and sanitization. But to help you get over the panic and to guide you through the moving process, here are a few essential tips on how to move house during the coronavirus pandemic.

— Set up contactless appointments

The moving process will involve a lot of paperwork, and some of the documents will need official signatures. Do not meet anyone in person; you can set up contactless appointments with the moving companies and realtors. When you meet with the movers, request them to sign the papers electronically before the actual moving date.

— Sanitize all items

It is the most vital part of the moving process. Because people from the movers in Toronto will be touching your furniture and the house items, it is essential to sanitize everything before you move out. One should stock up on disinfectant wipes and place a colored label on each box that has been fully sanitized. Before bringing the items inside your new home, you must clean each item with a new set of disinfectant wipes. You may also ask the people from the local movers in Toronto to stock up all the things in the new home’s garage. From here, you can sanitize the items one by one and bring them inside the house.

— Communicate with the movers

When you are moving during the pandemic, you must establish clear communication with the movers in the Toronto area who help you with the whole process. You must be sure that none of the members of the moving company have COVID – 19. When you keep communication lines open and ask health-related questions at every stage, you can easily decide the right time to move to your new house.

— Wash hands frequently

You and the members of the local moving companies in Toronto must wash their hands thoroughly and at regular intervals. They should be asked to refrain from touching their face and mouth as it can lead to virus transmission. Always have a bottle of hand sanitizer ready so that everyone can access it at all times. You must also encourage them to wear masks and gloves at all times. Wearing masks and gloves helps to arrest the spread of germs.


One must choose a reputed and dependable moving company as they will follow all protocols that have been set in place to fight the pandemic. Let’s Get Moving, for example, follows the hygiene processes diligently and regularly takes part in sanitization exercises. When you book them, you will enjoy peace of mind as they will come fully prepared with hand sanitizers, masks, and gloves to move your belongings safely to the new destination.

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