What are antiseptic liquids, and what are they used for?

What are Antiseptic Liquids?

Antiseptic Liquids are chemical compounds that are formulated for medical applications such as limit the growth of micro-organisms on the skin. Antiseptic liquids are skin friendly. Their chemical compositions can differ but their general purpose remains the same.

What do Antiseptic Liquids do?

Since Antiseptic Liquids limit the growth of micro-organisms, they are most commonly used to clean small wounds such as minor cuts, burns, scratches and other types of wounds. They are applied on the skin to prevent infections and kill any germs, bacteria, fungus and viruses. The active ingredients in quality antiseptic liquids such as Savlon Antiseptic Liquid help clean wounds to eliminate any infections without any burning sensation.

Some antiseptic liquids do cause a burning sensation when used on wounds. Savlon Liquid Antiseptic is one of the most essential parts of a useful first aid kit since it kills 99.99% germs*. Besides treating wounds, antiseptic liquids have many other applications around the house.

*Based on Lab Study on Sample Microbes.

What are the different uses for Antiseptic Liquids?

Here are some of the most common uses for antiseptic liquids besides treating small wounds;

  • Antiseptic liquids can be diluted and used for bathing. Adding a small quantity to your bucket of bath water in order to protect from infections and to rid your body off any disease-causing germs.
  • You can also use antiseptic liquids for other personal hygiene applications such as before and after shaving.
  • When used as per the instructions on the pack, antiseptic liquids can also be used when doing laundry to disinfect your clothes while you wash them.

There are some misconceptions about the difference between antiseptic liquids, and disinfectants. Some people like to use antiseptic liquids in order to clean surfaces in and around the house such as cleaning floors, chairs, tables and windows etc. However, antiseptic liquids are not formulated for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces. Let us explore and understand how antiseptic liquids and disinfectants are different.

What is the difference between Antiseptic Liquid and Disinfectant Liquid?

Antiseptic liquids are skin-friendly, and they are mild yet effective to eliminate germs and prevent infections. Disinfectants on the other hand are stronger, and more suitable for use on surfaces. When cleaning our homes, it is important to use disinfectants for the best results, and not antiseptic liquids.

Savlon Antiseptic Liquid is formulated to be sensitive to skin, and still offer strong protection from germs, bacteria, fungus and other infections. In order to disinfect surfaces around the house, it is important to use the right product for effective germ protection.

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