What Are the Different Types of Forestry Equipment?

Loggers and foresters depend on several tools to perform cutting and processing of trees. It is advised to get proper information about the equipment required for optimal working performance. In this post, let us learn about various types of forestry equipment in detail.

Log Loaders

Chargeuse a bois sort and collect logs into heaps. This loader loads all those piles that are of sufficient size and then move them to transportation of trucks. Usually, 3 different types of loaders are available in the market. These are tracked, wheeled, and trailer mounted.

These machines can be either grapple or knuckle booms. Where knuckle booms come with fast acting hydraulic systems, grapples are of bunching that enables a larger pickup base.


Delimbers acts as an important tool in logging and forestry work. There are basically three means to delimbing any tree. It is through gate, flail and pull-through. All these are landing-based with low-cost. The most appropriate one is apt for situations where the wood quality isn’t an issue.


They are steel based structures that are welded in a grid shaped pattern. A grapple skidder helps in displacing bulk of trees via the gates. Gate delimbers when used with a chipper stem directly on the truck.

Pull-through delimbers

These delimbers act as horizontally mounted processors that are capable of working as trailer-mounted or standalone machine. A loader puts a part of tree inside the delimber. In most of the models, a topping saw is provided that removes the head region of a tree. “Pull-through delimbers” offer a cleaning stem that doesn’t need any form of additional processing before loading a truck.

Flail delimbers

These types of loaders are basically rotating drums that come with chains. These chains tend to break off tree’s limbs when they are fed via the drum. Flails are available in two types, loader triggered or self-feeding. This method removes bark that is beneficial when the result is low bark content in resulting chips, like paper and pulp usage.

Feller Bunchers

These are self-propelled machines that come with just one cutting head. These machines are able to grip more than one stem at one time. The cutting heads perform only cutting. It holds and ground the device of placement. It doesn’t have any processing capabilities. Feller bunchers are generally propelled via tracks and wheels.


So, these are different types of forestry equipment that are designed to carry out different types of forestry tasks.

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